A Prosperity, SC native.


In his community and across SC.


Place. Purpose. Preservation.


A serial entrepreneur.

Mike Bedenbaugh: Business, Preservation & Community

Michael Bedenbaugh’s storied journey in business, preservation and community leadership has led him to a life full of challenges, successes and a touch of adventure experienced by few people.

A Prosperity, SC native, Mike was born with a reverence for history, evident from his early connections to his Great Grandfather’s home. After dedicating five years to the US Navy aboard the USS South Carolina, Mike expanded his horizons by studying International Studies and History at both USC and Columbia University, New York. This academic background laid the foundation he would later carry into his diverse career.

His initial foray into the corporate realm took him to New York, where he joined the product marketing firm Post No Bills, Inc. that collaborated with corporate powerhouses like Phillip Morris USA and RCA Records. In 1990, Mike moved the company headquarters to Prosperity SC and became CEO. Over the next decade, Mike, alongside his wife and business partner Doreen Sullivan, grew the company to include DreamWorks, Universal Pictures, and MGM and opened branch offices in Los Angeles and New York. During this time, he also played pivotal roles in local planning, preservation, and community service. After becoming President of Preservation SC in 2007, Bedenbaugh created and managed numerous programs that advanced the mission of PreserveSC while creatively addressing the challenges inherent in endangered historic properties. He was responsible for raising millions of dollars for Preservation Projects and saved dozens of historic properties through real estate successes that otherwise would have been lost. Mike was awarded the Order of the Palmetto for his work by Gov. Henry McMaster.

Mike is currently the owner of Bedenbaugh Rental Properties LLC and Map Media LLC, a social media company that produces his video podcast, “Perspective with Michael Bedenbaugh“. His storied journey in preservation and community leadership has led him to a distinguished position with BlackStream®. Mike is currently a licensed residential real estate agent with BlackStream® | Christie’s International Real Estate and a commercial associate advisor with SVN BlackStream.

Mike Bedenbaugh: Candidate for the 3rd District of South Carolina

On October 31, 2023, Mike posted his 95 Theses for a free republic on its own web page. He was inspired by the Rev. Martin Luther who was concerned about the corruption of the 16th century Catholic Church. He was also inspired by George Washingtons farewell address to be the basis for the content of the theses and hoped it would inspire Americans to push back on, what he believes, is a corrupted political system in America. For well over a year Mike tried to share his theses with others in political and party leadership to no avail. In November 2023, Mike decided to take matters in his own hands and announced his candidacy for the SC Third District House of Representatives. See his announcement video HERE.

Mike will run under the Alliance Party of SC, an independent nonpartisan, non ideological political party that envisions an America that works for all its citizens and local communities.

Mike has pledged the following:

  • Will self impose term limits and serve only two terms in the house if elected.
  • Will take campaign contributions only from individuals who can legally vote in SC and any political party located in SC that endorses my campaign.

The policies I will pursue below are pulled from my 95 theses. These are:

Country Before Party

  • A candidate for political office can only accept funds from individual citizens qualified to vote for them.(22)
  • A candidate for political office should be limited to how many years they can serve to ensure the public benefit is not compromised by the power accumulated for their self-benefit.(23)
  • The source of income by political candidates or office holders must be fully disclosed.(24)
  • Elected members of Congress must not partake in a retirement plan. They should receive Social Security like the rest of us.(25)
  • End the practice of dividing the Congressional chambers along party lines and have all state delegations sitting together in both Legislative houses.(26)
  • If the Senate maintains a filibuster rule, then the actual filibuster must take place and must adhere to the subject of legislation under debate.(27)
  • End the practice of omnibus bills: any bill must pertain to one subject only, and that subject shall be expressed in the title.(28)
  • The Senate and the House must return to their original role of checks and balances with each other.(29)
  • For the Senate and House to check each other, it must have different constituencies.(30)
  • Amend the 17th amendment so the Senate can return to its original constitutional role as representing state governments.(31)
  • The districts of members of the House of Representatives should be reduced in size to reflect a closer connectivity with the people of the district.(32)
  • No elected official can leave elected office and work in any “position of influence” (Board of Trustees or be employed as a lobbyist) with a 501c4 for a period equal to his/her time in office.(33)
  • Donations to lobbying organizations must be made public by anyone seeking public office.(34)
  • Citizens of the Republic should be governed more by the government closest to them: The State.(35)
  • Services to the citizenry’s well being should be the primary responsibility of the State. (36)
  • Hearings by legislative committees should only be shared publicly through transcripts and end video recording except for security purposes.(37)

Foreign Policy

  • President cannot send military troops into harm’s way inside the domain of a foreign nation without a formal declaration of war by Congress.(60)
  • The USA is to honor all obligations that have been signed, but to seek in all future relations a status of neutrality.(61)
  • Initiate plans to phase out the presence of a standing army in foreign lands.(63)
  • Military training at 18 years of age for qualified men and women (64)
  • State/home guard active service for minimum 2 years and never to be utilized outside the State of residency unless order of the Governor or, constitutional declaration of war.(64)

How do I propose to maintain fiscal responsibility?

It is painfully evident the National Government has lost the discipline necessary to manage the funds it automatically collects from our paychecks. A radical change is needed to ensure we are not permanently and irreparably damaged by our addiction to spending and current and ever-growing debt burden.

  • Create a time-definable plan to pay off the majority % of the debt of the Federal Government with a short term increased progressive income tax on upper incomes if Federal spending cuts do not meet established goals.(74)
  • Any increased tax must be utilized to lower the debt to the goals established within a time frame most conducive to striking an acceptable balance between growth and debt reduction.(75)
  • Amend the 16th amendment to create a federal income tax only to fund the investment necessitated by a formal declaration of war by the House of Representatives.(76)
  • Any Federal income tax created for a specific war debt expires once those war debts are paid for.(77)
  • The tax burden on citizens to finance services legislated by their elected representatives should come primarily from state governments.(78)
  • Federal taxes should be based primarily on consumption of goods: local, interstate, imports.(79)
  • States should be allowed the exclusive right to create a permanent income tax as well as sales tax.(80)
  • Property taxes should be eradicated in lieu of sales tax on products produced from property and property sales.(81)

What we should do to limit corporate hegemony

  • Constitutional amendment to distinguish “Natural Persons,” or individual citizens, from “Artificial personas,” or corporations.(87)
  • Amend the 14th amendment to read Natural Persons.(88)
  • Establishment of, and rigid enforcement of, antitrust laws in both the State and National marketplace with prioritized focus on media and medical conglomerates.(89)
  • Prohibition of federal law intervening in individuals right to self-medicate.(90)
  • Institute rank choice or approval voting for federal office.(91)
  • Prohibit straight ticket voting along party lines.(92)
  • Prohibit local/state/federal administrative support for political party primaries.(93)
  • Prohibit any natural person holding federal position (elected or employee) from joining the board of a corporation or hired as executive leadership in a corporation for a time period equal to their most recent time in office/employment.(94)
  • Prohibit any candidate or holder of federal or state elected office, or, any person who holds a regulatory position with state or federal government, from investing in publicly held corporations.(95) 

Many people have asked me why am I running,
I have never pursued national office before… why now?

Well, I feel that our role as citizens are to contribute positively to society. This year I am turning 62. I have lived a life full of learning and intention with a dash of adventure and sprinkled with various degrees of pain. All this has led me to this place in my life where I feel my God given duty to serve, and to utilize my lifetime of experience to elevate a conversation that I don’t believe is currently being engaged in. When I try to put my thoughts into words I come up short, so I rely on an incredible quote from George Bernard Shaw that, to me, says everything I honestly believe in:

“This is the true joy in life, being used for a purpose recognized by yourself as a mighty one. Being a force of nature instead of a feverish, selfish little clod of ailments and grievances, complaining that the world will not devote itself to making you happy. I am of the opinion that my life belongs to the whole community and as long as I live, it is my privilege to do for it what I can. I want to be thoroughly used up when I die, for the harder I work, the more I live. I rejoice in life for its own sake. Life is no brief candle to me. It is a sort of splendid torch which I have got hold of for the moment and I want to make it burn as brightly as possible before handing it on to future generations.”

Thank you for taking the time to visit my web page, read what I have to say, and if these thoughts and intentions appeal to you, please support this campaign so we can work together to create the solutions future generations deserve.